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Simulated image of a TECNAM P2012 Aircraft at a Trade Event
Semantix Area:
EN 85 2023 at Trade Events is basically an audioguide platform for Museums but since it is very easy to adopt and use, it can be used at Trade Events around the world.

The idea is that Industrial Products at Trade Events may be presented like they are works of art in a museum.

They can be - and should be - professionally narrated.

Visitors of the Trade Fair approach the stand, see the Product and can learn more about it by listening to audio-narrations on their smartphones.

When the Visitor is in front of the Product, it is absolutely better to listen to audio descriptions rather than reading depliants and flyers.

It is far more engaging for the Visitor, there is an additional experience involved between the Visitor and the Product, and the Company partecipating at the Event gets important Statistics of Engagement about the Products (or Products Features) from the audience. can be a good extra feature to offer to Trade Events directly, their Hosts and Guests as well.