Advertising Fans
EN / 40 / 2023

- Advertising on social media has become expensive, problematic and difficult
- It is necessary to bear advertising costs that guarantee efficient results over time
- It is vital to remain in the heart, in the graces (and in the bags and the houses) of the customers, permanently, over the months and over the years
Japanese Promotional Fans (so-called "uchiwa") have been for decades the workhorse of millions of Japanese companies who decide to advertise, position themselves and seasonally confirm their presence in the reference market.

In a world that is getting hotter and more strict - with respect to ecology and sustainability - the Japanese promotional fan reaffirms the superiority of simplicity in marketing, condensing into a useful, light, recycled and recyclable object, the highest degree of virality, penetration, durability and permanence of the advertising message.
Japanese manufacturers do not ship overseas and are not receptive to orders outside Japan and in languages different than Japanese. acts as an intermediary, quality-checker and shipper to ensure that this powerful marketing tool is finally available abroad as well.