EN / 491 / 2023

Your museum needs
- to evolve
- to be more accessible
- to be more informative and entertaining
- to increase box office revenue
- to be more welcoming to foreign visitors owns and runs, a cloud/smartphone based Audioguide Platform for Museums, Galleries. Monuments and Industrial Plants.
Our Audioguide Platform delivers a just-in-time mobile web-application that provide visitors with an audio commentary on the exhibits they are viewing.

Visitors can listen to a pre-recorded audio commentary about specific artworks or artifacts in the museum's collection or venue.

Audioguides often provide additional information and context about the exhibit that may not be immediately apparent from just looking at the exhibit itself.

They can include commentary from curators, historians, or other experts, as well as first-hand accounts, anecdotes, or historical context about the exhibit.

Audioguides can be a great way for visitors to personalize their experience and learn more about the host's collection in an engaging and interactive way.